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Antivirus & Anti-malware Service

Software that monitors and protects your device & network continues to be one of the most critical first-line defenseagainst malicious actors. In a sea of indistinguishable antivirus & anti-malware products, Mytech’s Co-Managed IT Services team has isolated the most secure, efficient, compatible, and proven tools to for our clients’ security software. 

With more than 350,000 new pieces of malware emerging every daysecurity software must evolve quickly to maintain protection. Mytech ensures the proper updates are applied to all elements of our antivirus/anti-malware solution, protecting your devices from the latest innovations in adware, worms, Trojans, and more. Many issues are resolved automatically, and escalated to your team only when specific manual intervention is required. 

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

No security strategy is 100% effective at keeping everything out – eventually, even with the best software and hardware available, something particularly nasty can get in. That’s why one of our security tenets is to “presume breach” …that is, we plan our security strategy on the expectation that a breach will happen, or already has. We don’t just obsess about outside threats: we regularly check our clients’ networks to make sure threats aren’t already mucking around inside, either. This, combined with a quality backup strategy, can shore up your defenses in multiple layers.  

Malicious actors who gain access to a system often leave “footholds” inside it, making subsequent access much easier and increasing your risks of further breachesThese footholds can last for a long time – in fact, a typical network breach goes undetected for 120 days or more. This intelligent service actively hunts for bad actors and the code they use to evade detection on your network, cutting that breach-detection time down to hours or even minutes. By catching problems before they expand, our Managed Detection & Response prevents downtime, costly breach cleanup, and a damaged reputation.

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Endpoint DNS Filtering

Phishing sites don’t stick around for long – in fact, the average malicious site measures its lifespan in days or even hours. That makes monitoring and blocking malicious domains impossible on an individual level, since a newly registered domain can do its damage and expire long before it can even be identified as maliciousBut with this dynamic service, your network can’t connect to suspicious domains at all – regardless of whether they show up on some obsolete Deny List.  

Endpoint DNS Filtering is a far more adaptive solution, changing faster than your firewall or antivirus solution and responding to threats as they emerge. With a combination of machine learning, industry knowledge, and updates from security analysts, this service screens each domain you access based on its patterns and characteristics, rather than playing website Whack-a-Mole 

This service also provides an additional layer of protection when members of your team work remotely, where they don’t have the benefit of your corporate firewall. Even at hotels or coffee shops, this protection stays with you, protecting you on public networks

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