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Email Continuity

Whether your email is hosted, on-premise, or in the Cloud, you still need it to be functional and predictable. Outages can be a big problem even for hosted solutions, so having a backup system is never a bad idea. With this service, you’ll have continuous access to your email platform  letting you send, receive, and view recent messages through our independent email portal 

Spam Filtering

Spam clutters your inbox and is a prime access point for viruses, malicious code, and phishing email attacks. In fact, 94% of malware in 2019 was delivered through email. Email Continuity and Spam Filtering proactively monitors the current security landscape and fine-tunes your filters to keep you protected.  

Furthermore, we’ll provide Outbound Spam Filtering, which prevents your corporate domain from being used to send Spam. By ensuring your email adheres to international email policies, you’ll protect your organization’s messages from being blocked across the Internet.  

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Simulated Phishing Attacks

Bad actors prey on the good and trusting nature of people through social engineering. They use current events and provocative topics, combined with a sense of urgency, to create skilled imitations of a real company or problem. Not every phishing campaign is a poorly-spelled offer to ship you $13M in diamonds – some are polished, and clever, and strikingly convincing.  

On a regular basis, Mytech will send simulated phishing emails to your organization to increase awareness of these ever-present realistic threats, so your team will be more prepared to avoid real high-effort phishing emails when they inevitably appear 

Security Awareness Training

91% of successful data breaches start with a phishing attack. Security hardware and software are important, but training your end-users to avoid malicious emails is absolutely critical. We see this awareness as a necessary component of any security program.  

Monthly training courses are targeted to help your team learn about the tactics employed by bad actors, and how to identify suspicious email and other threats. A more informed workforce is a major step in avoiding a costly data breach or other compromise in your network.   

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