About Us

Mytech Partners, Inc. began in October 2000, focused on delivering IT solutions to local small businesses – and on involving ourselves in the local community – guided by Mytech’s founding principles:

  • Be fair to your team, to your clients, and to the company.
  • Give back to the community that supports you.
  • Control your own destiny – create a fiscally stable organization without the need for external investors.
  • Welcome everyone and make sure every team member feels included.

Mytech’s strength came from the diverse background of its founders, and as we add more team members, we’ve maintained that commitment to uniqueness  which has served us well in a rapidly-changing industry. 

We’ve come a long way from first few years in Minnesota, where we traded IT services for office space downtown. We’ve moved to a larger space in the suburbs to accommodate our expanding team, but we still proudly serve our clients all around the Twin Cities metro area as we continue to grow and evolve our work. We’re also beginning our journey to bring the Mytech way to other markets, starting in Colorado in 2015 and growing every day.

We believe in making an impact with the work we do. From client success stories & testimonials, to donated services, to serving as expert sources on news stories, see how our work makes a difference in our community.

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Big AND Small

Providing the Best IT Experience in North America is about being both big AND small -- having the resources and expertise to solve IT challenges, but also maintaining the personal connection and empathy of a local support team.

Understanding YOU

Our mission to Make IT Easy is about knowing you, your staff, your technology, and your business operations and goals. Using this knowledge, we give you the solutions you truly need, in a way that maximizes your investments.

Hearing Feedback

We view every piece of support ticket feedback our clients submit. And every piece of negative feedback receives a personalized manager response, resolving any lingering concerns and improving our team's performance for you next time.

Dedicated Local Teams

We divide our service desk into smaller teams dedicated to specific clients. That means your service team will become more familiar with you, your team, and your network, remembering your needs and solving any issues more quickly.

H.E.L.P Center

Our H.E.L.P. Center support application makes requesting help simple and painless. Use this tool to submit tickets, access ticket status and history, review invoices (with permission), approve service requests (if applicable), and review uploaded training or application information.

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