The Foundation

When the CEO of the company you work for starts a meeting with “Our Investors have pulled our funding and your paychecks are going to bounce tomorrow,” you immediately start asking yourself “what’s next?” For Day, Philip, Lyf, and Nathan, the answer was Mytech Partners, Inc., created within 10 days of that infamous call on the last Thursday of September 2000. From the beginning, Mytech has had a laser focus on delivering IT services to small businesses and being involved members of our local communities. The founding principles of Mytech are:

  • Control your own destiny – create a fiscally stable organization without investors that can pull the plug at any time
  • Be fair – to employees, to customers, and to the company
  • Give back – support the local community that supports the company
  • Be inclusive – make all employees feel like they are important

The initial strength of Mytech came from the diverse backgrounds of the owners: Day came from radio and advertising; Philip from tinkering with technology since age 12; Lyf from corporate IT; and Nathan from the restaurant industry. 

The first couple years were spent trading IT services for office space, and attracting enough customers to hire their first engineer in 2003. Since then, maxed out our expansion opportunities in our downtown office and moved into a space double the size in the suburbs, once again adding the pressure to grow and fill the space.  We also began our journey to bring the Mytech way to other markets, starting in Colorado in 2015.

Lyf Wildenberg

Founder | President & CEO

Nathan Austin


Day James

Founder | Director of Client & Employee Experience

Big AND Small

Providing the Best IT Experience is about being big AND small. It extends beyond what we do (technology) into how we serve our customers.

Understanding YOU

Providing the Best IT Experience is about knowing you, your staff, your technology, and your business operations and goals

Soliciting Feedback

After each service ticket is closed, an email is automatically sent out to the customer to give us 2-click feedback on their experience. All negative feedback is responded to by service management so they can resolve any lingering concerns and learn how they can coach the team to do better next time.

Dedicated Teams

Our service desk is divided into smaller teams so each service team will become more familiar with you, your team, and your network.

H.E.L.P Center

Our H.E.L.P. Center application makes requesting help easy. You can use this tool to submit tickets, access ticket status and history, review invoices (with permission), approve service requests (if applicable), and review uploaded training or application information.

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