Information Security Assessment

Stop guessing about your organization’s safeguards & risks

  • Examine your entire security profile

    Internal and external technology, physical safeguards, even administrative policies

  • Collaborate with our Information Security Assessor

    A designated assessor, thorough interviews, and insightful investigations

  • Understand your risks

    Exhaustive analysis & in-depth consultation with a personal touch

  • Act on your results

    A concise and actionable summary of weaknesses and a thorough action plan for the future

Get a comprehensive evaluation of your security posture across every aspect of your organization, with an investigation that outpaces simple questionnaires or security scans.

What's your Information Security Score?

This estimator, at a high level, evaluates your company’s information security program and measures its risk of a security incident.

Based on the full information security assessment, this free, self-assessment tool analyzes security standards in place at your organization and provides an estimate of your security risk.

Once completed, you’ll receive a risk-based measurement, from 300 (not secure) to 850 (excellent), that indicates your company’s level of vulnerabilities, gaps and deficiencies in your security program.

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