Microsoft 365 Protection

A Watchtower Co-Managed IT Services Add-On Package

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Microsoft Email Backup

Whether you are hosting your email with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange Server, or another email system, safeguarding that data is an absolute necessity. With this solution your email is backed up, archived, and searchable.

Microsoft 365 Cloud Suite Backup

Just because your data is “in the cloud” doesn’t mean it’s backed up. Microsoft only retains 14 days of information on Office 365 files, so if a file is deleted, do you have a second line of defense? Many new ransomware variants will even target hosted services, making your online data far less permanent than you might think. 

Cloud infrastructure requires a different approach to data protection. Our Microsoft 365 Cloud Suite Backup has you covered so that your Microsoft 365 data is secure, recoverable, and protected, regardless of what might befall it. 

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Verified backups and imaging for both individual devices and central servers.


Email Continuity and Spam Filtering, & Security Awareness Training to protect your team.

Server & Workstation Security

Antivirus & Anti-malware, DNS Filtering, and Managed Detection & Response.


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