Support your executives with the highest level of personal IT support

Multiply your executive team’s impact on your mission by supporting them with an exclusive IT support experience.

Mimic their secure work environment anywhere.

Your executive team is a powerful asset; critical to propelling your organization’s vision and strategy forward.  When their technology isn’t working, it is pivotal to get them back to production as soon as possible.   However, because more and more executives are working from home and using their own consumer-grade equipment, being able to provide fast and competent support is time-consuming and frustrating.  It also exposes your organization to increased security risks.

ExecutiveWorker - Executives

An IT experience like no other!


ExecutiveWorker™ is a per-user program that provides a premium technology and support experience for each executive that you enroll. It includes business-class home office equipment and installation, priority status and after-hours tech support, and strategic IT budget and planning sessions.  ExecutiveWorker™ keeps your executive team productive and focused on what’s important….your business. A single seat of ExecutiveWorker™ is included with the SmartBusiness™ Suite  ($5000.00 value – Additional seats are available upon request.)  

Executive Home Office Setup 

Many times, executives conduct business from a remote location or home office. As part of ExecutiveWorker™, we provide a secure and reliable hardware solution for the executive’s home office, so that each ExecutiveWorker™ can bring their work laptop home and have an in-office experience from home. By ensuring their experience closely mimics the experience of working from the office, your ExecutiveWorker™ will be more productive and have the same level of security when working from home.

The Executive Home Office Setup provides business-class equipment, installation, and support of the following:  

  • Enterprise Class Firewall and VPN (Virtual Private Network) Configuration  
  • Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and USB Docking Station for the Executive’s Laptop  
  • Network Office Printer  
  • Secure Wireless Access Point  

Executive Support 

Your executives are a driving force behind your business growth and future success. When they need help, getting them back up and running is a top priority.  With ExecutiveWorker™ each executive enrolled in the program is given priority status, and their support requests automatically escalate to Tier 2 support. Plus, because the standard 9 to 5 workday is no longer standard for modern executives, after-hours (7 pm – 7 am) support is included at no additional expense. 

Strategic IT Planning & Business Reviews

Understanding the long and short term goals of your business is key to providing you with the best IT experience.  As part of ExecutiveWorker™, we’ll work with you, as your vCIO, and key members of your team on both an annual and quarterly basis to develop and review your strategic IT Roadmap and budget.   







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