Strategic IT Planning

Stay invested in your IT Strategy

Create a proactive IT plan that minimizes operational downtime and organizational risk

Creating a successful IT strategy requires getting the right people in the room to manage risk and align future IT investments to your short- and long-term organizational goals. 

By providing communication & accountability reporting, and intentionally including an executive-level decision maker in our annual strategic IT roadmap planning sessions, we’ll help you build a more proactive and strategic IT approach that results in less operational downtime, faster recovery, improved scalability, greater budget visibility, and dramatically reduced organizational risk. 

Strategic planning does require an investment of time, and we understand executives are busy people. So, to help you maximize your timethis designated executive decision-maker receives full imagebased device backup & priority tech support at no additional chargeto get them back on track as quickly as possible whenever IT issues arise.

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What you get:

Monthly reports on your network’s performance & availability

On-demand reports for network health, employee security trainings, & more

Communication & Accountability Reporting

If you don’t know what your managed service provider has been doing behind the scenes, it’s difficult to understand their impact to your day-to-day operations. Our monthly reporting keeps you informed of your network health – its uptime, availability, & performance – and helps you identify strengths & areas for improvement. We’ll fulfill on-demand reporting requests too, as part of our commitment to be your partner and technology consultants whenever you need us. 

What you get:

Annual strategic IT roadmap meetings & planning guidance

Best Practices Value Map & consultation for IT investments

Strategic IT Roadmap Planning

IT purchases can be daunting. How often should you buy new equipment? How can you get the most out of your budget? Those purchasing decisions can appear at any time – and without a strategic plan, they always feel like an emergency. Why not start planning and preparing for your future tech needs, instead of reacting to them in the moment? 

With Mytech, you can invest in proven technology and the peace of mind it brings. We’ll meet with your team and your designated executive decision-maker annually, to help you craft a strategic IT roadmap – informed by our Best Practices Value Map – that suits your organization’s needs and eliminates the need for ad hoc judgment calls. With our recommendations, you can bring stability and predictability to your IT approach. 

What you get:

Automatic Tier 2 escalation for all support requests

After-hours support included at no cost

Priority IT Support

*Your designated executive decision-maker receives Priority Support User status included in your agreement. This package is also available as an add-on, to support any other team members whose productivity you want to safeguard. 

For many people, the workday often doesn’t end at 5pm: some things are just too important to wait for tomorrow. The same is true for IT: if something goes wrong after hours, you often can’t wait for regular IT resolution – if the work is top priority, it needs to get going right away.  

That’s why all support requests from a user with this status are automatically escalated to Tier 2 support, and after-hours support is available at no additional expense. Don’t let technical difficulties get in the way of your team’s most critical activity. 

What you get:

Full image-based backup of user’s work laptop

Fast and complete data restoration at no extra charge (hardware purchases excluded)

Full Workstation Backup*

*Your designated executive decision-maker receives a Full Workstation Backup included in your agreement. This package is also available as an add-on, to support any other team members whose critical data you want to safeguard. 

The more a device travels, the greater the risk it faces. Whether working at home or on the road, your mobile team members are more exposed to loss, destruction, or theft of company devices whenever they take them out of the office.  

A full, image-based backup preserves this device’s memory, enabling you to restore it right away if the original device is lost, destroyed, or stolen. This backup includes the operating system, app configuration, customizations, and all the data contained on the device – all restored quickly and completely, at no extra charge, so you can get your on-the-go team members moving forward once more. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the five key parts that make up SmartBusiness Suite – our fully managed IT services program. 

Monitor, update, and protect your core infrastructure

BackOffice constantly monitors your systems to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, catching inconsistencies before they become problems. 

  • Round the Clock Monitoring & Alerts
  • Email Continuity & Spam Filtering Protection
  • Asset & Life-Cycle Management
  • Antivirus Management
  • Disaster Recovery & Backup Management
  • Microsoft 365 Cloud Suite Backup
  • Hard Drive Destruction

Defend your organization’s entire network

SecureOffice employs targeted security programs to not only keep known threats out, but also to catch tomorrow’s newest threats that might sneak through. 

  • Microsoft Patch & Security Management
  • Hardware & Firmware Updates
  • Firewall Management
  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR)
  • Network & Security Review

Solve your immediate IT issues quickly

ProductiveWorker ensures you receive prompt and thorough IT support, thanks to our local help desk staff who are assigned directly to your organization. 

  • IT Support Desk
  • After Hours IT Support Desk
  • Mytech HELP Center
  • On-Site IT Support
  • New Workstation Deployment Services
  • Workplace Productivity Training

Safeguard each individual user

SecureWorker monitors and defends each workstation and educates each employee, to prevent network breaches before they even begin. 

  • Security Awareness Training
  • DNS Filtering
  • Mobile Device & Application Management
  • Desktop Document Backup
  • Multi-Factor Authentication/Single Sign-on

Enhance your most critical users

ExecutiveWorker offers communication & accountability reporting, annual strategic IT roadmap planning sessions, plus priority tech support and a full workstation back up for your designated executive user.

  • Communication & Accountability Reporting
  • Strategic IT Roadmap Planning
  • Full Workstation Backup
  • Priority IT Support 

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