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Make IT Support simple with ProductiveWorker™.  Technology isn’t perfect, so effective IT support is vital to keeping your staff productive and helping your business grow and thrive

Keep your most costly asset productive.

As a small to medium size business, your most valuable and costly asset is your staff. When staff is forced to squander precious company time trying to diagnose a technology issue, it results in frustration for your team, loss of productivity for your business and worst of all may negatively impact your customers. 

We have your back with
unlimited end-user support


ProductiveWorkerTM ensures your staff has the right tools to perform their work and the necessary support to resolve any issue they may encounter during the workday; keeping them productive. We offer unlimited end-user support from a dedicated service team who understands your network and business objectives. We’ll help you push your technology investments to their fullest value while preserving productivity and protecting operational uptime.     

IT Support Desk (Monday thru Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.)

When your technology doesn’t work, it’s frustrating for everyone, that’s why ProductiveWorker™ provides a support desk experience unlike most. You get direct access to a local, dedicated support team, not a 1-800 number that goes to a helpdesk who-knows-where. Whether you know the exact issue, have no idea whatsoever, or even if there is a third-party vendor involved, such as an Internet provider, our responsibility extends beyond just telling you which vendor is at fault, we work quickly to get your team back to work. No matter the issue, if it’s on your network or integrates with your technology, we’ll help resolve it.

Our IT support teams are ready to assist you with: 

  • Identity & Access Administration – including assistance with Active Directory, password resets, adding or removing users, file structure and permissions. 
  • Network Attached Device Management & Configuration– including but not limited to printers, wireless devices, security systems, cameras, Internet connections, and environmental controls like lighting and HVAC. 
  • Lineof Business Application Integrations Support – working with those business-critical applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Practice Management, Electronic Medical Records systems (EMR), and Accounting Systems. *must have a current support agreement with the software provider.
  • Workstation Support– assistance with Operating Systems (OS) both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Office, and the Microsoft O365 Suite (Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Stream, Planner). 
  • Mobile Device Troubleshooting– helping you secure corporate data on both Android and iOS. 

After Hours IT Support Desk

(Monday thru Friday, 7 p.m. – 7 a.m. | Saturday, Sunday & Holidays) Let’s face it, technology doesn’t only break during the workday, and in many cases, your business and most productive staff members continue working into the night, weekends, and holidays.  That’s why ProductiveWorker™ provides 24x7x365 on-call support for emergencies.  If a crisis occurs and you need us… we are just one call away.  

On-Site IT Support

Our team can resolve most of your IT issues remotely. However, when the problem requires a more hands-on approach, ProductiveWorker™ includes unlimited on-site IT support. In addition to as needed on-site support, we proactively visit you and your team on-site each month to provide in-person IT support and consultation.

Computer Deployment Services

Investing in quality PC’s is crucial to keeping your staff productive, but only if they’re also properly configured. Setting up each new computer with all the necessary business and security applications is no small task.

ProductiveWorker™ has you covered. When you need a new or rebuilt desktop computer or laptop as part of your lifecycle replacement program, we will make sure it is properly configured, while maintaining consistency of all the PC’s on your network.

Continuous Improvement & Overall Client Satisfaction

We believe that having the best IT experience with your support desk is important.  This is why we document each interaction with your staff and evaluate it for effectiveness and efficiency.

Additionally, we invite all feedback, positive and negative, once an issue has been resolved to ensure we continually improve our service delivery experience. We are proud to maintain a positive customer satisfaction score of over 97%.







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