The 2022 IT Forecast

Conversations to start now, to prepare you and your IT team for next year.

The Hybrid Workforce Era is here

Graphic of a video conference

Teams Rooms

How will you incorporate 1 or 2 virtual participants into an in-person discussion? Without the right equipment, a hybrid meeting is often more confusing and less productive than an entirely in-person meeting, or even an entirely virtual one. Learn how to set up for success to maintain productive meetings, no matter their composition.

Microsoft teams logo

Microsoft 365 Productivity

As your team members move more freely between in-person to remote work, how will you ensure effective collaboration remains high? Enhance your team members’ confidence with Microsoft 365 features to keep them in touch and in the groove, wherever they work in 2022.

Graphic of a telephone and the globe

Teams Voice

How will you keep a traditional phone system setup working if team members are switching between office and remote work? Prepare your office phone system to hit a moving target, so 2022’s important messages get where they’re meant to go.

Graphic of a cloud with an up arrow

Server-less Environments

As your team members’ work accesses the cloud more and more, will you continue to need a full on-premise server environment? Weigh the pros and cons of full server infrastructure and cloud solutions, so you can prepare your organization for its future needs – not its past ones.

IT Security Standards are Going Up.

Graphic depicting computer and phone with security protection

Multifactor Authentication & Single Sign-on (MFA/SSO)

Will you need cyberinsurance or compliance verification in 2022? If so, Multi-Factor Authentication may be encouraged or even required. Start the conversation now, so you can be prepared for this security feature that’s quickly becoming an industry standard.

Graphic of a hand with a shield symbol in the palm

Information Security Assessment

The security threat landscape is constantly evolving, as shown by this year’s high-profile cyberattacks. How will you defend yourself in 2022 if you don’t know your organization’s security positioning? Assess your strengths and weaknesses across a wide range of factors, both technical and practical, to stay secure in the coming year.

Graphic depicting search function on device

Managed & Endpoint Detection & Response (MDR/EDR)

As breaches and exploits become even more frequent and sophisticated in 2022, how will you build your second line of defense? Improve your cybersecurity posture with Managed/Endpoint Detection & Response, powerful behind-the-scenes solutions that catch exploits in their infancy, before they can spread to compromise your entire network.

Graphic of clipboard and shield

Security Policies

If you’ll need cyber insurance or industry compliance in 2022, will you have administrative security policies such as an Incident Response Plan? Codifying and explaining your organization’s security habits as concrete, written processes will only become more critical, so now’s the time to start identifying and establishing these policies.

Graphic of a person at the computer

Security Incident Event Management (SIEM)

How closely will you be watching your network’s security in 2022? As threats evolve, the ability and intention to monitor your devices and networks for irregularities (Security Incident Event Management) will likely become a necessity for certain key industries. Find out your security obligations, and how best to invest in them.

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