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Protect your entire network with targeted solutions that go beyond antivirus and spam filters

Safeguarding your organization’s security is about more than just installing antivirus on every office computer. In fact, although many tools protect your individual workstationsprotecting your network as a whole is just as critical. 

SecureOffice™ focuses on securing all the big-picture aspects of your organization: operating system updates and patches, commonly ignored hardware and firmware updates, crucial firewall configuration reviews and updates, as well as breach detection to quickly discover the ever-evolving threats designed to infiltrate even the most secure networks. Our team will stay-on-top of the status of your organizationupdates and policies and work with you to ensure your organization’s security without sacrificing your efficiency  

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What you get:

Consistent, proven patching policy and execution

Testing for all Microsoft patches

Controlled deployment to prevent interruption

Microsoft Patch & Security Management

Patches & updates are a critical aspect of your workplace security and productivity. Thousands of unique threats emerge every day, and these updates are the tools your network needs to stop them. But technology is complicated, and every update or change has a potential for further disruption. 

A common approach involves automatically deploying all updates and patches immediately, then going back to fix the damage if something important breaks in the updating. But at Mytech, we protect your productivity by testing these patches first in a closed system. We then deploy them in a controlled process, preventing any interruptions to your team’s workday.

What you get:

Firmware patching & updates for all network devices

Patch risk analysis and scheduled deployment to match your schedule and minimize downtime

Hardware & Firmware Updates

Desktops and laptops aren’t the only things that need updates. Though you might not think about them as often, your other network devices – physical servers, switches, routers, even printers – require updates and patches to maintain security and productivity. Many IT providers neglect patches for these devices, opening you up to bugs & outages and exposing security vulnerabilities for months or even years at a time. 

SecureOffice™ helps you cover all your bases by regularly checking and patching all devices on your network. We even evaluate updates for priority, determining their risks & benefits and scheduling their updates accordingly to minimize interruptions for you and your customers.  

What you get:

Active firewall monitoring and threat detection

Firewall setting & rules control

Firewall backup service

Firewall Management

Your firewall isn’t just another device or program – it’s one of the most fundamental layers of your IT security, and it deserves special attention. An updated firewall could be the difference between catching the latest threat or succumbing to it. And in addition to a firewall’s updates, you also have to consider its configurations, backups, rulesets, and change control.  

SecureOffice shines a light on all the details in a modern firewall. With our active monitoring and detection, we know what’s going on inside your firewall. That means we have insight into what rules it follows, and we can control when & how those rules change. This control, plus our firewall backup service, gives you certainty in your security when it comes to audits and security compliance reviews.   

What you get:

Active detection software continually searches your network for signs of malware

Detect & identify potential breaches before they escalate

Managed Detection & Response

Although many of our security layers are proactive, IT security isn’t just about keeping threats out – you also need a way to catch anything that’s already snuck its way inside. Our Managed Detection & Response offers an internal protection system, constantly scanning your network to find the “footholds” used by malware to do further damage. Instead of the industry breach detection average of 120 days, this service catches breaches in hours or even minutes –before they turn into downtime, costly repairs, and a damaged reputation. 

What you get:

Proactive security monitoring

Internal & external vulnerability scans verify our security work

Monthly on-site inspection visits

Network & Security Review

Powerful tools and services are only part of the equation: if you don’t know how to track or use them, they won’t do you any good. You rely on your IT partner to give you key insights on your systems, but how can you know they’ve actually done that work?  

SecureOffice™ provides that certainty, every month. We proactively monitor and verify our work with external tools, evaluating everything from software and OS updates, to user authentications, to internal and external vulnerability scans. We even schedule monthly on-site visits, inspecting your physical hardware and consulting with you on any findings we’ve uncovered. Your IT strategy is a conversation, and we’re committed to including you. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the five key parts that make up SmartBusiness Suite – our fully managed IT services program. 

Monitor, update, and protect your core infrastructure

BackOffice constantly monitors your systems to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, catching inconsistencies before they become problems. 

  • Round the Clock Monitoring & Alerts
  • Email Continuity & Spam Filtering Protection
  • Asset & Life-Cycle Management
  • Antivirus Management
  • Disaster Recovery & Backup Management
  • Microsoft 365 Cloud Suite Backup
  • Hard Drive Destruction

Defend your organization’s entire network

SecureOffice employs targeted security programs to not only keep known threats out, but also to catch tomorrow’s newest threats that might sneak through. 

  • Microsoft Patch & Security Management
  • Hardware & Firmware Updates
  • Firewall Management
  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR)
  • Network & Security Review

Solve your immediate IT issues quickly

ProductiveWorker ensures you receive prompt and thorough IT support, thanks to our local help desk staff who are assigned directly to your organization. 

  • IT Support Desk
  • After Hours IT Support Desk
  • Mytech HELP Center
  • On-Site IT Support
  • New Workstation Deployment Services
  • Workplace Productivity Training

Safeguard each individual user

SecureWorker monitors and defends each workstation and educates each employee, to prevent network breaches before they even begin. 

  • Security Awareness Training
  • DNS Filtering
  • Mobile Device & Application Management
  • Desktop Document Backup
  • Multi-Factor Authentication/Single Sign-on

Enhance your most critical users

ExecutiveWorker offers communication & accountability reporting, annual strategic IT roadmap planning sessions, plus priority tech support and a full workstation back up for your designated executive user.

  • Communication & Accountability Reporting
  • Strategic IT Roadmap Planning
  • Full Workstation Backup
  • Priority IT Support 

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