of emerging security threats

Building on the foundation BackOffice™ creates, SecureOffice™ minimizes these potential threats by comprehensively protecting your business and customizing your network solution to your organization’s environment. 

Are you confident that you are adequately protected?

Network security attacks have gotten so sophisticated that even the smallest vulnerabilities in your network can be exploited. 

All the more, the best technology solutions, if not properly maintained and modernized, leave your organization susceptible to emerging security threats. 

Customize Your Security Solutions


From internal and external network vulnerability scans, hardware and application administration, to data backup and recovery services, SecureOffice™ focuses on network security risk analysis and personalized security measures to combat security threats, and ensure operational continuity and compliance.  

Hardware Maintenance

It’s extremely important to apply patches and updates to your computers, but what about all the other devices that run software (usually called firmware) like physical servers, switches, routers, access points, and printers? Most MSP’s neglect to keep them updated or back them up.

Keeping these devices backed up, and up-to-date prevents newly discovered bugs from becoming outages and protects your business from network security vulnerabilities. It also upgrades the device’s features to improve usability and functionality.

With SecureOffice™, rather than automatically making these updates and possibly interrupting system operations, we regularly check your devices for updates, evaluate the risks and benefits of each, and schedule a time to perform them that will pose little to no interruption of service to your staff or customers.

Firewall Management 

Your network Firewall is one of the most fundamental layers of your IT security.  Keeping it up-to-date makes sure it is capable of detecting and preventing emerging threats from entering your network. Even those from zero-day exploits.  However, updates are only part of it. 

SecureOffice™ goes above and beyond firmware updates by backing up and customizing the configuration to your business’s unique environment, and in adherence to Mytech’s Best Practices.

Backup & Recovery Operations

Whether you need to restore a single file because you accidentally deleted it, or you need to completely recover your system due to a sudden ransomware attack, SecureOffice™ has got you covered.

Even in the case of a full DR (Disaster Recovery) state, we will launch a temporary network to get you up and running while assisting in the procurement and replacement of your technology, getting you back to full strength as soon as possible. 

Email & Spam Administration

SecureOffice™ includes the customization of your email filters to allow or block specific domains based on your Spam filter policy. We also continuously monitor your Microsoft Exchange or O365 environment to ensure settings align with your email and Spam protection systems.

This customization gives you more control over your organization's email traffic, archiving, encryption, and retention requirements

Network & Security Review

Our commitment to you is to make sure you have all the necessary tools and software to keep your data safe and your staff productive. As your business technology consultant, we also take responsibility for validating that each tool is in full working order and performing optimally.

On a monthly basis, we verify our work by using external tools that assess software and operating system updates, device and user authentication, and run internal and external vulnerability scans to identify any security risks. We even proactively conduct on-site visits which allow us to physically inspect your technology devices to ensure they are connected and in working order.







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