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SharePoint Immersion Experience | Colorado | 8-2023



8:00 am – 12:00 pm MT

SharePoint is at the core of almost everything you’ll do in Microsoft 365, so getting your team comfortable with using it is absolutely critical. How can you effectively guide your team’s work using your SharePoint environment – without breaking everything in the process?

Join us for this hands-on workshop where we demonstrate the fundamentals of SharePoint site building. Learn all about SharePoint’s core functions, like:

  • Creating and customizing SharePoint sites
  • Incorporating various SharePoint and M365 functions
  • Important design principles
  • Communication sites vs. team sites
  • Hub site navigation best practices

Note: This session will focus primarily on SharePoint site building and administrative controls, and is not intended as an introduction to basic Microsoft 365 functions. Before attending this session, we highly recommend attending one of our Microsoft 365 Immersion Experience workshops or customized M365 training engagements first to build familiarity with SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

We recommend attending the session with at least one other person from your organization (up to a maximum of 4). No equipment is required – a complete computer lab setup will be provided.


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