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As cybersecurity threats evolve and become more dangerous, gone are the days when spam filters, firewall and antivirus tools were enough to combat breaches. Though we still rely on these tools to an extent, businesses must take bigger cybersecurity steps today. With the right network security services, your Minnesota company can feel protected against data breaches.

Mytech is proud to provide professional network security consulting services in Minnesota. Our expert network security consultants will help your company identify weaknesses in your existing network and help you find ways to minimize those risks. Contact Mytech today to learn more about how we can help keep your valuable data safe.

Stay Up to Date with Our MN Network Security Services

As cybersecurity standards change, your business must maintain the most modern IT solutions to protect your data. These solutions include:
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Managed/Endpoint Detection & Response (MDR/EDR)

Even with the best security software, it’s not enough to hope for the best. That’s why Mytech plans our security strategies around the inevitability of a breach. Our network security services equip MN businesses with tools like MDR/EDR which hunt for signs that your network has been compromised.

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO)

It’s been proven that 99% of most cyber attacks could be avoided with Multi-Factor or Two-Factor Authentication. When your business opts to use MFA and an SSO feature, your team members’ credentials are safeguarded, and there’s no need for obnoxiously long passwords.

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Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing Tests

Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving. Security Awareness Training (SAT) can arm your team members with knowledge on the latest network security best practices and threats, through easy-to-comprehend webinars. Our network security consultants also offer MN businesses simulated phishing tests, sending employees unpredictable email campaigns, disguised as legitimate communications. This training teaches your employees how to spot even the smallest telltale signs of a threat.

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Endpoint DNS (Domain Name System) Filtering

It can be surprising to learn that malicious sites usually stick around for only a few days, if not just a few hours. With our DNS network security services, your MN employees will be able to screen each domain they access, blocking harmful connections based on patterns and characteristics.

Minnesota Businesses Choose Mytech’s Network Security Services

Businesses can’t choose one cybersecurity tool and assume they’re forever protected against all types of attacks. They need multiple forms of protection, from hardware to software to employee training to combat the ever changing types of cyber attacks.

Mytech offers every essential network security service for your MN business:

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