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Cybersecurity measures such as spam filters, firewall and antivirus tools are no longer a match for evolving data breach and ransomware tactics. Though they are still integral parts of security measures, businesses must go a step further with their cybersecurity measures. Colorado businesses do so with Mytech’s network security services.


Mytech’s expert network security consultants help CO businesses identify weaknesses in their cybersecurity infrastructure, then we arm them with the tools they need to strengthen and protect against future attacks. Contact Mytech today to learn more about how we can help minimize risks and keep your data secure.


Never Fall Behind on Security Trends With Our CO Network Security Services

As cybersecurity standards evolve, your business must implement the most modern IT solutions. These solutions include:

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Managed/Endpoint Detection & Response (MDR/EDR)

Mytech plans our strategies around the idea that breaches are inevitable. This way your business will never be caught off guard. Our network security services give CO businesses tools like MDR/EDR, allowing our clients to look for signs their networks have been compromised.

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO)

99% of most cyber attacks could be avoided if a business used Multi-Factor or Two-Factor Authentication on all of their devices. Our network security consultants advise CO businesses to use both MFA and SSA to ensure credential safeguarding.

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Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing Tests

Cybersecurity attack tactics are ever-changing. That’s why we offer Security Awareness Training (SAT). These trainings give your employees the latest information on security best practices and threats, through comprehensive webinars. Our network security consultants also offer CO businesses simulated phishing tests, in which we’ll send your employees unpredictable email campaigns, disguised as legitimate communications.

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Endpoint DNS (Domain Name System) Filtering

Malicious sites typically have a lifespan of only a couple days, if not only a couple hours. Mytech’s DNS network security services allow your CO employees to screen each domain they access, keeping out harmful connections based on patterns and characteristics.

Network Security Services for Every Type of Colorado Business

It’s not enough for your business to choose only one cybersecurity tool. Instead, your business requires multiple protection tools, from hardware to software and more.


Mytech offers every crucial network security service for your CO business:

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