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Tired of Security Scare Tactics?

5 Ways to Empower & Protect your Team!

Scare tactic – blah, blah, blah, security thing and that other whatsit. If you feel that this is the message you hear every time some new security headline hits the news about the latest breach or vulnerability fear factor, then this Mytech U session is for YOU! Here at Mytech we feel like the small & medium business community is looking for ANSWERS, not just more of the same security noise that inundates us in news articles and our inboxes.

We provide professional network security consulting services in Littleton, CO. Our expert network security consultants can help you identify weaknesses in your existing network and then offer solutions to mitigate those risks. Contact us today to learn more about how Mytech can help keep your valuable data safe.

Protecting your business in the modern age.

In order to protect the modern technology worker, while not sacrificing productivity, we can no longer rely exclusively on decades old methods.

7 Layer Security Dip

While not as tasty as a 7 Layer Taco Dip, these layers will do a better job of protecting your business.  

The 7 Layer Security Dip recipe we will discuss in this session are the default security practices that protected all of our customers from the recent news-worthy security breaches.  


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