Microsoft Teams Rooms

Create a seamless hybrid meeting experience.

Play Video

Meet, connect, and collaborate with internal and external team members.

Our bundled audio and video solutions include everything you need for an immersive Microsoft Teams meeting experience in rooms of various sizes. 

Easy-to-use Teams Meeting Console

Touch screen display features multiple management tools with a familiar Microsoft Teams interface, providing users with an easy meeting management experience.

Dependable Audio Experience

Cable free audio devices with HD audio quality, noise proof technology, and wide voice pick up range ensure every participant’s voice can be heard clearly

Interactive & Collaborative Meetings

Various UVC series cameras with a wide field of view provide vivid face-to-face meetings and the ability to collaborate on shared documents or an existing traditional whiteboard.

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How will you incorporate 1 or 2 virtual participants into an in-person discussion? Without the right equipment, a hybrid meeting is often more confusing and less productive than an entirely in-person meeting, or even an entirely virtual one.

Come get a hands-on demonstration of how a Hybrid/Teams Meeting Room can help you enhance your teams hybrid working environment.  

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