Structured Cabling and
Network Wiring Services

Structured Cabling helps achieve network speed.

Your network may have the best devices, routers, and data plans, however, having a lousy cabling setup can ruin the speed that was forecasted. In addition, faulty cabling causes intermittent faults and wireless problems and dead zones. A disorganized cabling setup also presents substantial issues when troubleshooting network issues.

Structured Cabling links the entirety of your IT system components together. 

From the power supply to the network router, to device switches and ports, to the workstation, cabling is the lifeline connecting these devices. Having an efficient and comprehensively mapped out cabling set up eliminates data lapses in wired networks and yields faster and improved data transfer speeds. 

Mytech Partners can assist your business with a variety of cabling types: data cabling, structured cabling, and network wiring.

Mytech Partners is dedicated to making technology work for you and your unique business needs. With our diverse set of networking capabilities and expertise, we will design a custom cabling solution for your business.






Organize your company's structured cabling

Mytech Partners is here to provide you with a professional cabling solution that works- today and in the future as you add more hardware. From cabling design to installation and post-installation cabling, as part of our managed services program, we can help your team map out the best cabling structure. With a properly configured network wiring /structured cabling network you can expect these benefits:

High-Quality Cabling Services

We will bring the best in voice and data cabling needs. Whether you need fiber, copper, cat 5, cat 6 cable optimizations, we can help you. 

  • Structured Cabling
  • Data Cabling
  • Networking Cabling
  • Voice Cabling
  • CAT Cable
  • Cable and Fiber Optics Installation
  • Network Wiring

Structured Cabling Design

 We include these in our considerations when doing the cabling design for your premises.

  • The architectural structure of the building
  • Cable required for connecting different devices
  • The purpose of structured cabling installations
  • The various types of devices to be connected in present or future
  • Customization to meet the customer needs
  • Warranties






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