SecureWorker™ Plus

SecureWorker™+ adds identity management to our security offering, further protecting your team’s digital identity using Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) Premium. When adding on SecureWorker™+ we will help you integrate and manage the tools that will protect your team from targeted credential phishing attacks, and empower productivity through self-service and single sign-on experiences. 

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Single Sign-On

Everyone will agree that having fewer passwords to remember and change is a good thing. Single Sign-On gives you the ability to use your computer’s login to access thousands of supported services and applications online.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Upping password security to another level, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) creates a layered defense to verify a user’s identity. MFA combines the use of something you know, like your password, with something you have, like your phone. This combination makes it much more difficult for someone to gain access using your account.

Self Service Password Management

We have all forgotten our password, and when it happens we need it to be addressed within minutes in-order to avoid downtime and productivity loss. Self Service Password Management gives your team the ability to securely reset their password on their own, whenever it is needed, from where ever they are.

O365 Custom Branding

Hackers will phish for your credentials by replicating popular and generic login pages such as Microsoft O365. By branding the O365 login in page with your organization’s logo, your team will be able to visually verify they are logging into the correct website before entering their credentials, preventing your user names and passwords from getting into the wrong hands.

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