SmartBusiness Suite Updates & Improvements

Modern IT support is in a constant state of flux. Tech advancements allow us to get even more value from our equipment, yet they also give malicious actors new angles of attack. A significant aspect of any managed IT services partnership is about creating and maintaining a sweet spot of productivity and security – which has to then be synthesized from numerous different products and tools, each with their own tradeoffs.  

Simply put, there’s a lot of decision-making and due diligence involved. 

When it comes to your managed IT services, we don’t make any change just for change’s sake, or to chase the newest shiny gadget. We thoroughly evaluate each potential change, its return on investment for you, and any likely side effects, before deploying it to our clients.  

We work to make these changes as seamless as possible; we also want to keep you informed about how your managed IT services have increased in value and sophistication over time, so you can be sure to get the most out of your investments! 

What's Changed?

Simulated Phishing Campaign Improvements

Introducing far more realistic and accurate phishing simulation tests, as well as giving overall campaign insights to let you know whether your team is opening, clicking, or reporting suspicious messages. 

January 2023

Security Awareness Training Improvements

Deploying in Q1 of 2023, will provide a much more comprehensive platform for security training, including a customizable learning management system (LMS) that tracks and reports on your users’ completed trainings 

January 2023

Advanced Malware Protection

Deploying during Q1 of 2023, will offer proactive malware protection, stopping malware attacks before they can even start and catching the more sophisticated and scary threats that common security controls can’t. 

January 2023

Endpoint Detection and Response

Tracks device behavior in new ways, giving you better protection and meeting increased requirements for insurance and regulation. 

July 2022

Incident Response Improvements

Beginning in Q3 of 2022, we made improvements to ensure that our staff and processes can provide more robust response to threats and incidents immediately, giving you crucial peace of mind in tense situations. 

July 2022

Microsoft 365 Security Management & Insights

Provides better knowledge about your Microsoft 365 environment, improving your productivity and security as the platform becomes increasingly vital to modern IT infrastructure. 

April 2022

Improved Ticketing Portal

The Mytech HELP Center makes it easier and faster for your team to submit and track service requests directly within Microsoft Teams, reducing the time that your staff spends on troubleshooting. 

April 2022

Our Effort to Make IT Easy

These improvements are enabled by the flexibility of our annual increase (described further in the Payment section of your agreement, under the heading “Annual Escalator”), which allows us to make these changes when they are necessary rather than rushing to meet a deadline or delaying until the next renewal. The overall effect for you is a predictable, strategic IT experience that prevents disruptions rather than causing them 

While we don’t want to pester you with updates every time we tweak a setting, we also want to make sure you remain informed about your IT environment. Stay tuned in the months to come for announcements about major new features, as well as consultation from your account team about how you can make the most out of these improvements.