Modifying resource limits for CSP customers

This process is for adding or removing licenses from an existing O365 subscription, if you need to add a new product, please contact your account manager

  • Login to Portal ( using your provided username and password
  • Once logged in to the portal you will see a screen similar to this one that lists the O365 subscriptions your tenet has.
  • Click on the Edit Pencil for the subscription you want to modify, a box will appear asking if you want to Add or Remove seats
  • Select the proper item and you will be prompted with a spot to add or remove seats
  • Enter the quantity of change and press submit.  There will be a process that takes several seconds with a “Please wait” message.  Once completed it will return to the main screen.
  • Licenses are now activated on the system and within 5 minutes should be active in the Microsoft O365 Portal.



If you have questions or problems with the system please contact the Mytech Helpdesk.