Secure and properly protect your core IT infrastructure.

BackOffice™ ensures your core IT infrastructure systems are online and available, keeping you productive and on task.

When your technology doesn't work, your staff doesn't either!

Keeping your network current, secure, and properly protected is a concern for every business owner.  When you hired your Managed Services Provider (MSP), you expected to gain peace of mind.  However, you wonder if they’re doing all they claimed they would…and what that might mean for the state of your network and your business. 

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Build a Solid Foundation


Mytech’s BackOffice™ employs sophisticated monitoring and management tools which work alongside our highly-skilled, in-house Network Operations and Security Center (NOC).  This means you get intelligent, 24/7 monitoring and alerts, and the remediation, escalation, and prevention strategies from a team of experts who intimately understand your network infrastructure.  We emphasize consistent communication to provide critical security and accountability reporting, as well as life-cycle management that adheres to our Best Practices Value Map, so you’ll never feel left in the dark about the state and performance of your network. 

Round the Clock Monitoring & Alerts

Our dedicated Network Operations and Security Center proactively monitors your network for potential issues and begins resolving them before your staff even know something went wrong.  BackOffice™  monitors your entire core IT infrastructure including Servers (Cloud & On-premise), Workstations, Firewalls, Switches, Wireless Access Points, UPS’s (Uninterruptible Power Supply/Battery Backup), and Printers. 

Microsoft Patch & Security Management 

Applying the necessary Microsoft Operating System (OS) and common third-party patches and security updates are one of the most critical methods of protecting your network from malware and other malicious hackers. Other providers automatically push the updates and patches as they’re released and hope they’re successful.

At Mytech, we first evaluate and test them to identify risks and stability. Once approved, we proactively prepare your network and monitor progress to ensure your devices are protected with minimal interruption to your team. Finally, we externally validate the success of each patch to ensure your network stays safe.

Disaster Recovery & Backup Management

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions have ZERO return on investment… until the day you need to use them. BackOffice™ includes full-service management of the backup solution we’ve designed to meet your business recovery requirements, including monitoring the off-site transfer and storage of your data.

Having a quality backup solution is important, but to truly protect your data, every aspect of the backup solution needs to be monitored and managed.

BackOffice™ ensures your data is protected with a robust backup solution that focuses on the recovery. When disaster strikes, you’ll know your data is backed up, stored securely, and ready for our recovery remediation team to get your business back to work when it matters most.

Antivirus Management

Antivirus (AV) software continues to be one of the most critical first line defense tools in protecting your network. With more than 60,000 new pieces of malware created daily, your network is under constant threat from malicious actors.

With Mytech, these scary statistics don’t have to keep you up at night because Mytech’s BackOffice™ aggressively manages this critical security layer. We’ll prevent your organization from becoming another victim of adware, worms, Trojans, and more because your old AV wasn’t working or properly updated.

Email Continuity & Spam Filtering Protection

Whether your email is hosted, on-premise, or in the Cloud, Spam not only clutters your inbox, but is a prime access point for viruses, malicious code, and phishing email attacks.

Mytech’s BackOffice™ Email Continuity and Spam Filtering proactively monitors the current security landscape and fine-tunes your filters to keep you protected. Furthermore, we’ll prevent your corporate domain from being used to send Spam, which will protect your organization’s email from being blocked across the Internet.

Asset & Lifecycle Management

Asset and Lifecycle Management is the foundation of any solid IT support. You can only protect the assets that you know you own. BackOffice™ emphasizes managing the lifecycle of each device through adherence to our best practices.

By adopting the Mytech Best Practices Value Map, you’ll minimize overall support time, increase workforce productivity, and mitigate failure due to slow and outdated equipment.  

Communication and Accountability Reporting 

Reporting is a staple of most business’ leadership plan. Understanding the overall technological health and performance of your organization is no different.

BackOffice™ includes monthly and on-demand reporting to keep you informed of your network’s uptime, availability, and performance. More importantly, our reporting enables you to hold us accountable for results.

As your partner and technology consultant, we’ll regularly collaborate with you to help navigate these reports, and identify any areas of improvement.







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