IEC has joined Mytech Partners!

We’re happy to announce that IEC has joined Mytech Partners, an IT consulting and managed services provider that operates here in Colorado, with another location in Minnesota. 

Why we've chosen to join Mytech

While we take immense pride in the work we do, the administrative effort necessary to continue our work has always been a distraction from it. Because of our small team size, each of our team members have been wearing multiple hats for a very long time. By partnering with Mytech’s larger team of roughly 80 people, we can hand off many of these administrative hats to focus on the part we actually want to pursue full-time: providing the robust support and solutions you expect from us.

What’s going to change?

Not much will change for our clients in the near future. Over the coming months, we have integrated our back-end resources and tools with each other, but most of this will be unnoticeable to you and your team.

While Mytech’s greater scale and team size will give you access to a wider array of solutions and services, but on a day-to-day basis you will work with us, just like you always have.  


To learn more or chat with a consultant, fill out the form and we will reach out!  

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