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SMB Emerge | Your Role in Building a Conscious Culture



7:30 am – 9:00 am CDT

Every leader’s thoughts, actions, and interactions (their personal culture) create a ripple effect inside and outside their team – for better or worse. Your organization can’t become the best it can be without an intentional culture that addresses the core needs of every human involved.

In this networking and development session, speaker Chelsey Paulson, Chief Strategy Officer at Keystone Group International, will focus on the key building blocks you need to build a positive, engaging, and impactful culture. Learn how to create and maintain a sense of belonging and purpose by aligning your culture with your business strategy and your team’s strengths & weaknesses.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the elements of a strong culture & its effects on a business
  • The role leaders play in building and sustaining a strong culture
  • Using Business Impact Assessments and self-assessments to guide culture improvements
  • How the Impact Model can help determine your next steps

Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Jaime Taets’s & Chelsey Paulson’s new book, The Culture Climb: How to Build A Work Culture That Maximizes Your Impact.



7:30am – Check-In & Networking (breakfast provided)

8:00am – Speaker: “Your Role in Building a Conscious Culture”

9:00am – Continued Networking


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About SMB Emerge:

As the business world emerges from the challenges of the past few years and enters a new era of opportunities, change is inevitable. The organizations that succeed won’t be the ones that just adapt to this change – they’ll be the ones that harness it. Join us for the inaugural session of a new networking event series for small to mid-sized businesses, solve modern business challenges in the SMB space, and meet other organizations striving to do the same.