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SMB Emerge | Project Management for Everyday Leaders



7:30 am – 9:00 am CT

90% of employees work on project teams, but many leaders have never been trained in project management. That lack of training can leave your team struggling to manage priorities and keep accountable in the midst of important projects.

You don’t need to understand every aspect of project management to successfully lead a team that executes projects, but knowing a few key concepts can make a massive difference. Learn some of the tools you need to be successful in a changing era of work, like:

  • High-level project management concepts every leader should know
  • Big-picture understanding of how technology is evolving to address leadership challenges
  • Transitioning your highly reactionary team to be more planful and proactive.

Attendees receive a complimentary copy of speaker Jan Lehman’s new book, Work Smart Do More (The CEO’s Guide for Optimizing Time, Talent, and Tech to Create a Winning Culture).

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About SMB Emerge:

As the business world emerges from the challenges of the past few years and enters a new era of opportunities, change is inevitable. The organizations that succeed won’t be the ones that just adapt to this change – they’ll be the ones that harness it. Join us for the inaugural session of a new networking event series for small to mid-sized businesses, solve modern business challenges in the SMB space, and meet other organizations striving to do the same.