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Psychological Cybercrime | 3 Questions to Prevent Social Engineering Attacks

1:00 pm CDT / 12:00 pm MDT

Not every attack on your organization’s network is a poorly spelled scam email. Sometimes the impersonations are clever, polished, and personally targeted. This type of attack, called “social engineering,” is so dangerous because it can circumvent traditional security infrastructure, all with a single convincing phone call, text, email, or even in-person visit. Forget exposed servers or firewall vulnerabilities: if a bad actor is trying to specifically trick your team members, the odds of a breach skyrocket. Join us for this educational session, where you’ll learn simple guidelines to protect yourself and your team from all forms of social engineering – not just spam emails. Learn about:

  • Recognizing the indicators of a social engineering attack
  • Training your team members on how to respond and defend against attacks
  • Understanding the psychology of social engineering and why it’s so effective

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