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Preparing for Copilot | Microsoft 365 Copilot Starter Kit Part 1

10:00 am CT  |  9:00 am MT

We will be speaking with Jake Armstrong, Senior Associate and Marketing Manager at Dunham Associates Inc., who is actively leading a team in preparing their organization for a Copilot rollout. Jake is instrumental in developing a test user group, creating an AI policymaking process, and collaborating on comprehensive training plans with other members of the organization.

This month’s session launches our series: Microsoft 365 Copilot Starter Kit Part 1 | Preparing for Microsoft Copilot

Join us for our monthly live sessions dedicated to Microsoft Copilot, where we provide essential knowledge to successfully deploy Copilot within your organization. These sessions are tailored to help users initiate their journey with Copilot, covering critical topics such as establishing an AI council, ensuring data security and governance, managing seat assignments, organizing training sessions, and more. Together, we’ll collaborate to drive digital transformation across our organizations!

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