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Photo of people collaborating at desk with Microsoft Teams logo

Microsoft Teams Basics | Maximizing Office Productivity

Microsoft Teams is a relative newcomer to the office suite – especially when foundational solutions like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook have been around for decades! But even though Teams is barely five years old, it’s already an essential component in modern office productivity and communication. If you want to start using Microsoft 365 effectively, it’s time to truly get a grasp on what Microsoft Teams is and what it can do.

Learn about:

  • The big-picture view of Microsoft Teams: what is it, and how are you supposed to use it?
  • The basics of how Teams interacts with other solutions
  • Business challenges you can solve with Microsoft Teams
  • How Teams integrates with (and amplifies) your traditional Office tools

Join us for this exploratory session as we talk about Microsoft Teams, what it’s designed to do, and the benefits you can get for yourself and your team by adopting its use. Take this opportunity to learn about Microsoft’s latest productivity game changer, and see why it has so much more to offer than “Microsoft Slack.”