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Microsoft 365 Train-the-Trainer Part 7 | Teams Sites vs Communication Sites

1:00 pm CT  |  12:00 pm MT

During these monthly YouTube Live sessions, we’ll aim to empower you with knowledge and tools within the 365 suite, and more importantly, create a space to collaborate with others who use Microsoft 365, as we all lead the way to digital transformation in our organizations. 

Part 7 of our 9-part series: We’ll explore the distinctions between SharePoint Team Sites and Communication Sites.  While they may seem quite similar, the crucial factor lies in the degree of access. Whether you’re embarking on constructing a “team” site or a “communication” site, numerous factors and settings demand consideration.  

This session covers key differences between the two types of sites. This includes security, editing permissions, and provides common use examples for both team sites and communication sites. We will also share basic design edits to help create distinct pages. There are templates to help guide the creation of a new page or design blocks that give you more creativity in the design process.  

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