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Microsoft 365 Train-the-Trainer Part 9 | Bringing Your SharePoint Sites Together

1:00 pm CT  |  12:00 pm MT

During these monthly YouTube Live sessions, we’ll aim to empower you with knowledge and tools within the 365 suite, and more importantly, create a space to collaborate with others who use Microsoft 365, as we all lead the way to digital transformation in our organizations.

Part 9 of our 9-part series: We merge your new Microsoft SharePoint Communication site with other existing sites in your organization building intuitive global navigation. Connecting your communication sites will not only increase your team’s productivity, but also contribute to adoption of Microsoft 365 in their day-to-day tasks. 

During this session, we’ll guide you through hub sites, audience targeting, and how to use Views to curate content to various audiences. Audience targeting will create efficiency for your team by quickly sifting through the noise. Generating different views creates less time searching for information by eliminating filtering time. This part of the series will conclude with a tutorial on how to integrate your new SharePoint “Hub” Site and intuitive global navigation with Microsoft Teams.  

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