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Incident Response Plans | Colorado IT Security Workshop | May 2023



8:00 am – 9:30 am MT

A cybersecurity crisis can easily become the worst day your organization ever faces. Many businesses never truly recover, losing customers and industry standing from the damage to their reputations…or even shutting their doors permanently. And it’s not some vague possibility, either: 37% of organizations were hit by ransomware in 2021. Robust cybersecurity and data protection are key defenses, but no solution is perfect. 

When you’re hit by a security disaster, your moment-to-moment decisions will determine whether you stay afloat or close your doors for good – so having those decisions planned in advance is non-negotiable! Like any other emergency procedure, an incident response plan (IRP) can give you certainty and keep you moving in the midst of a crisis.

In this 90-minute in-person workshop, Mytech’s Information Security Assessor will walk you through the building blocks of an IRP, how it should relate to your broader data security posture, and how you can make the most of your cybersecurity and cyber insurance relationships. Attendees of this workshop will come away with the beginnings of an Incident Response Plan, and a list of resources that identify the key next steps to finalizing it.

  • Draft the framework for your organization’s IRP
  • Identify the crucial next steps you’ll need to take
  • Establish your plan for involving expert resources
  • Learn how your IRP will fit inside your broader information security program

Preparation is essential to cybersecurity, and IRPs are no different. Establish your plan ahead of time, so you aren’t forced to improvise. Join us for this workshop and empower yourself to act decisively if your organization’s worst day ever comes to pass.

Incident Response Plan Workbook

Incident Response Workshop – Data Inventory


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