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Driving Adoption in Microsoft 365 Immersion Experience | Minnesota | 6-2023



8:00 am – 12:00 pm CT

You’ve got Microsoft 365 and you’re trying to make the most of it. You and maybe a few others see the value, but the rest of your team is doubting, or disagreeing, or dragging their feet. How can you show your organization the game-changing potential of Microsoft 365…preferably, sometime this decade?

Join us for this immersive, experiential session where we offer a safe environment to explore, ask questions, and get others to do the same. Learn how you can tie Microsoft 365 into your team’s everyday work, in ways that directly capitalize on its benefits – both the ones you know and the ones you haven’t discovered yet! We’ll cover:

  • Demonstrating the “team hub” capabilities of Microsoft Teams
  • Incorporating your SharePoint sites into everyday tasks like department meetings
  • Collaborating more quickly and cleanly using shared documents
  • Getting your team started on Microsoft 365

Note: We recommend attending the session with at least one other person from your organization (up to a maximum of 4). No equipment is required – a complete computer lab setup will be provided.


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