Cryptolocker Removal

Mytech Partners can assist your business in navigating cryptolocker attacks and prevention measures.

All my files are encrypted.

When your documents suddenly become encrypted, 99% of the time this means your machine is infected by a type of malware called Cryptolocker.

Fortify you business against the NEXT cybersecurity attack!

It happened. Your business just suffered a cybersecurity attack. It’s easy to feel somewhat helpless after your organization has been terrorized by a security breach, but you don’t have to feel like a sitting duck for the next one. ​

What is cryptolocker?

Part of the malware family, a Cryptolocker virus is a piece of software developed and designed to make money by encrypting and decrypting files. This malicious software is often sent through an email attachment. Cryptolocker has been developed extremely lightweight thus they can be spread across numerous potential victims with a single click. Once the user downloads and/or runs the malware, it will search for all files saved on the machine and encrypt them.

A prompt will then flash on the screen with a timer that lapses every second, this is the deadline indicator where the user must pay a certain amount in order to regain access to their files. Typically if you refuse or ignore the ransom, the fee doubles when the clock runs out. Deny paying the third time and the malware will self destruct leaving the victim with files encrypted forever.

Mytech Partners can help!

As the cyber-security landscape continues to evolve, you’ll never be 100% protected from a cryptolocker attack, however with the right IT partner you can recover your files without paying the ransom.  

Our partnership with industry-leading anti-malware suppliers, combined with our 20+ years of experience fighting cybercriminals, helped us create a program that provides the most comprehensive cybersecurity prevention and recovery solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

Surviving a cryptolocker attack doesn’t mean your company is safe; once attacked, your company may be targeted by cybercriminals again. As part of our solution we will also make an assessment of your company’s IT infrastructure to look for where another cyber criminal may exploit vulnerabilities and loopholes. Planning and executing a cryptolocker prevention plan is a necessary feature of modern IT infrastructures today.

The war against cryptolocker is a continuous battle for business owners. We know we can’t do this alone– we have expanded our horizon to strengthen our commitment to fight against cybercriminals.  Our IT security consultants are also trained to handle different IT security compliances mandated by the government such as DFARS, HIPAA, NIST, and ITAR.

Contact us now  to ensure your company is properly preventing potential cryptolocker attacks.

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