Network & Infrastructure Operations Services

Monitor & protect your core IT infrastructure

An expert team of network technicians who are familiar with YOUR network.

Many system errors are hard to notice at first, until they chew their way up to something important. By then, fixing the issue is no longer quick or easy. BackOffice catches those problems right away, before they snowball. 

Our in-house Network Operations and Security Center stays tuned-in to your systems, monitoring every device and managing any updates or fixes. With our intelligent and intentional network management, you can stop system updates from crippling your productivity, and have peace of mind that your IT provider truly knows what’s happening in your network. 

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What you get:

24/7/365 monitoring for nearly any device connected to your network

Remote resolution for faster fixes & reduced disruption

An expert team of network technicians who are familiar with YOUR network.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring & Alerts

The best way to fix a problem is to resolve it before it becomes a problem. Our in-house Network Operations Center (NOC) constantly monitors your systems, using powerful tools to detect small discrepancies at their source – long before they start causing obvious system degradations or downtime. NOC team members then resolve those issues while minimizing disruption for you. And if larger issues arise, you can be assured a network expert is already on the case. We proactively monitor nearly any device connected to your network including servers (cloud and on-premise), workstations, firewalls, switches, wireless access points, UPS and printers. 

What you get:

Organization-wide spam filter

Email administration system & continuity during disruptions

Global encryption & archiving options

Email Continuity & Spam Filtering

Most email programs come with a simple structure and a one-size-fits-all spam filter. And while that may be “good enough” for most personal email accounts, these filters simply can’t process and protect an entire organization’s needs. If your email solution has a single point of failure, any disruptions to that service can completely lock you out of your server. Avoid unsent emails, missed deadlines, and even lost clients with a more mature solution.  

We implement a robust & fine-tuned corporate-wide spam filter, plus an email administration system that protects your productivity & communication. That administration gives you access to send & receive email even during service disruptions, plus the option to introduce global encryption and archiving settings based on your industry’s security needs. 

What you get:

Tracking & asset tagging for every device on your network

Improved information for lifecycle planning & hardware budgeting

Protection from exploits that target neglected or outdated devices

Asset & Lifecycle Management

You can’t protect what you don’t know about. While some devices might be obvious to you (laptops, desktops, printers), there could easily be further hardware on your network that isn’t being tracked – and thanks to its outdated settings, such a device could easily serve as a foothold for malicious access.  

With our asset management service, we’ll not only know about everything that’s connected to your network, but also know its configurations, age, performance, and more. Our automated tools – paired with our thorough documentation – ensure we find and update any missing information, and give us a foundation to build annual IT lifecycle plans and budgets to eliminate surprise costs and enable your specific business objectives. 

What you get:

Modern & effective antivirus/anti-malware solutions on all workstations

Constant review, evaluation, and upgrading of antivirus filters & policies

Antivirus Management

A cornerstone of your IT security, antivirus has been around for a very long time – and has become a lot more complex, too. More than 350,000 new pieces of malware are created each day, so keeping up to date on your antivirus solution maintains a critical layer of defense. Our antivirus decisions are guided by hard-won experience, plus a close connection to industry experts, to bring you a proven solution that stays ahead of the curve while staying out of your way. 

What you get:

Full server backup with built-in monitoring

Temporary “continuity network” hosting & access

Built-in file system recovery services

Disaster Recovery & Backup Management

Backup and disaster recovery solutions have ZERO return on investment…until the day you need them. And if that day comes, you want to be absolutely certain you’re protected. With Mytech, you can do more than hope for the best, thanks to our thorough research, vetting, and deployment of modern & mature backup solutions. Your data is monitored both in off-site transfer and in storage, allowing you to see and know your data is secure 

But should a disaster strike, restoring from a backup still takes time & effort, and you’re dead in the water until it’s complete. With Mytech, you get multiple business continuity services at no additional charge. We launch a temporary network to get you up and running right away as we address potential data loss, restoring your file systems directly and even consulting you on replacement hardware purchases in the event of physical damage to your servers. 

What you get:

Organization-wide backup for all Microsoft 365 infrastructure, including SharePoint, email, Teams, and OneDrive accounts

Added defense against Microsoft 365 targeted ransomware/malware attacks

Microsoft 365 Cloud Suite Backup

Just because your data is “in the cloud” doesn’t mean it’s backed up; cloud solutions aren’t magically protected from disaster. By default, Microsoft only retains Microsoft 365 files for a limited time – leaving your entire cloud structure vulnerable to accidental loss, deletion, or even new ransomware attacks that target cloud servers.  

With BackOffice™ your entire organization’s Microsoft 365 profile is backed up and easily recoverable. We provide your cloud infrastructure with a second line of defense, protecting your data from malicious or accidental disasters and giving you peace of mind, no matter where your data lives.

What you get:

Free standard-security hard drive destruction services

Certified Destruction for highly sensitive data, available at additional cost

Hard Drive Destruction

Despite the threat of data loss, your organization’s sensitive information is often harder to completely erase than you might think. When you need to dispose of an old hard drive, don’t take your chances on an incomplete deletion. 

BackOffice offers hard drive destruction to render your data unusable – and we offer Certified Destruction for a small fee, if you truly need something eradicated.   

Here’s a quick breakdown of the five key parts that make up SmartBusiness Suite – our fully managed IT services program. 

Monitor, update, and protect your core infrastructure

BackOffice constantly monitors your systems to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, catching inconsistencies before they become problems. 

  • Round the Clock Monitoring & Alerts
  • Email Continuity & Spam Filtering Protection
  • Asset & Life-Cycle Management
  • Antivirus Management
  • Disaster Recovery & Backup Management
  • Microsoft 365 Cloud Suite Backup
  • Hard Drive Destruction

Defend your organization’s entire network

SecureOffice employs targeted security programs to not only keep known threats out, but also to catch tomorrow’s newest threats that might sneak through. 

  • Microsoft Patch & Security Management
  • Hardware & Firmware Updates
  • Firewall Management
  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR)
  • Network & Security Review

Solve your immediate IT issues quickly

ProductiveWorker ensures you receive prompt and thorough IT support, thanks to our local help desk staff who are assigned directly to your organization. 

  • IT Support Desk
  • After Hours IT Support Desk
  • Mytech HELP Center
  • On-Site IT Support
  • New Workstation Deployment Services
  • Workplace Productivity Training

Safeguard each individual user

SecureWorker monitors and defends each workstation and educates each employee, to prevent network breaches before they even begin. 

  • Security Awareness Training
  • DNS Filtering
  • Mobile Device & Application Management
  • Desktop Document Backup
  • Multi-Factor Authentication/Single Sign-on

Enhance your most critical users

ExecutiveWorker offers communication & accountability reporting, annual strategic IT roadmap planning sessions, plus priority tech support and a full workstation back up for your designated executive user.

  • Communication & Accountability Reporting
  • Strategic IT Roadmap Planning
  • Full Workstation Backup
  • Priority IT Support 

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