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Our Minnesota cyber security consultants are leaders in providing ransomware removal services and prevention.

Mytech Partners is your Minnesota partner for ransomware prevention.

Since the birth of ransomware, Mytech Partners has been educating small and medium-sized businesses about cybercrime and best practices to prevent these attacks. Our initiative emphasizes two things: awareness and protection. We believe that cybercrime awareness is critical to every organization, as this awareness protects the most valuable asset of every company – customer data.

For over 10 years, our threat analysis team has helped numerous businesses in e-commerce, finance, health, and many more take their first steps towards safeguarding their network. 

Fortify your business against the NEXT cybersecurity attack.

It happened. Your business just suffered a cybersecurity attack. It’s easy to feel somewhat helpless after your organization has been terrorized by a security breach, but you don’t have to feel like a sitting duck for the next one.

Minnesota ransomware removal & prevention

While turn-key anti-virus software claims to be the best ransomware prevention application, Mytech Partners believes that no one tool is enough to prevent and/or recover from ransomware.

Protecting Minnesota businesses against ransomware or any malware requires knowledge and strategy that only an experienced IT provider has. Mytech Partners has dealt with preventing, removing, and recovering from cryptolocker programs and viruses for Minnesota organizations large and small.

We are proud to say that our expertise and methodology can help ensure your company’s protection from these threats. Mytech Partners offers Minnesota businesses ransomware removal and ransomware prevention services to companies in the greater Twin Cities area. Our ransomware solution can help your Minnesota business both prevent many attacks and restore your network to a working condition if the unthinkable happens.

Our ransomware attack solutions cover a wide range of malware. From viruses, adware, spyware, cryptolocker, and ransomware to rootkits and infected master boot records, Mytech Partners security engineers can handle it all. We use several of the industry’s leading software tools combined with our expertise with ransomware removal & recovery measures to ensure your system is clean as new. And, as criminals advance their methods, we have refined our team approach to malware removal as well.

Mytech Partners ransomware attack solutions include

Full System Scan

Ransomware Removal

Cryptolocker Removal

Spyware and Adware Removal

Browser Hijacker

Bloatware, Trojan and Rootkit Removal

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