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Sort through your Data closet troubles.

We have seen the worst of messy wires and tangled cables lining hardware racks and data servers. A wiring closest in this condition is a disaster to sort through when adding new hardware, workstations, or troubleshooting a network issue.

A messy closet wiring set up is a prelude for disaster. As this mess accumulates, network downtime, non-performing machines, and data loss become a regular occurrence. In our experience, this untidy cabling setup starts small but as employees and infrastructure grow no one sorts through the mess- new cables get layered and piled on top existing cabling.

Keeping these cables neat and organized is good practice. If you cabling is structured, organized and properly mapped, removing cables or wires in no big deal. A good cabling layout helps you easily keep these cables in check, ready for cleaning or replacing as needed. In addition, there is more space to move around you network closet when your wiring is tidy.

SMBs and enterprises alike are both guilty of poorly maintained cabling racks and closets. Our team can help your organization make sense of your cabling and create a manageable system.

Mytech Partners is dedicated to making technology work for you and your unique business needs. With our diverse experience performing network wiring, server rack, and wiring closet clean ups, we have the tools to help your business as well.

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We work with SMBs and enterprises to perform server and data closet cleanups and general network wiring services in the Littleton, CO area. If your business needs and server closet clean up or any network wiring services our team would be happy to review your existing infrastructure.






Mytech Partners will fix your wiring problems.

Mytech Partners is here to provide you with a professional solution for your network wiring closets and similar cabling. From design to installation and support, our managed IT programs are designed to assist you. 

High-Quality Cabling Services

We will bring the best in your voice and data cabling needs. Whether you need fiber/copper cable optimizations, we can help you. 

  • Structured Cabling
  • Data Cabling
  • Networking Cabling
  • Voice Cabling
  • CAT Cable
  • Cable and Fiber Optics Installation and
  • Network Wiring

Network Wiring Maintenance

As part of our comprehensive managed IT support programs, we will help you run your network wiring maintenance periodically. We can do it in your off-hours to minimize interruptions and downtime. 

We can schedule the maintenance in advance so your team and our cabling techs can work together to resolve your cabling environment.

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