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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) increases your security posture.

Logging in to your accounts – whether if it is on your Office accounts, email, or your company systems can become more secure by layering a multi-factor authentication login process.  MFA increases the login identity’s credentials to gain access to the system. So instead of logging in with a username and password alone, users can add a secret passphrase, or a physical/digital encryption key to add more proof that the person logging in is the verified user of the account. 

Phishing attacks that target the username and password of a user are preventable as criminals won’t have the required multi-factor authentication code to sign in. This prevents them from logging in and gaining account account access. This added security control can help you reduce the risks of data theft and security breaches.

We provide two factor authentication and multi-factor authentication services for companies in the Denver, CO area. Implementing a 2FA/ MFA solution is a strongly recommended security measure to ensure only those with authorization to your systems and network are able to gain access. Contact our team today to learn more about 2FA/ MFA implementation!

Protect your business through Two-Factor Authentication

Setting up a multi-factor or two factor authentication solution is one of the best practices the IT industry has to offer to user management.

Mytech Partners is dedicated to protecting your organization by adding additional authentication measures to your operating environment. We can enable multi-factor authentication or two-factor authentication for your employees through an app,  or a biometric check like facial recognition or  fingerprint scans.

Contact us today to discuss appropriate 2FA & MFA implementations for your business.

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