Multi-Factor Authentication for CO Businesses

Ensure Your CO Business’ Security With Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Today, businesses should be more concerned than ever about cybersecurity and how they can best protect their online information. It’s no longer secure enough for each employee to rely solely on a username and password, as accessing that information is relatively easy for scammers or phishers. Add an extra layer of security to your Colorado business’s information with multi-factor authentication. With MFA, on top of an employee’s username and password, they will also be asked to confirm their login with a physical/digital encryption key that proves their identity.

This second point of confirmation makes it much harder for cyber criminals to access your sensitive data, since they won’t be able to access the code sent to your employee’s secondary device. This additional level of security with multi-factor authentication will reduce the risks of security breaches for your Colorado business.

Implement Two-Factor Authentication to Protect Your Colorado Business

When you have your CO business enroll in multi-factor or two-factor authentication, you’re taking advantage of one of the best security practices in IT.

Mytech Partners can offer your organization peace of mind by adding additional security measures to your IT infrastructure. We can set your Colorado business up with multi-factor authentication or two-factor authentication through an app, or a biometric check such as facial recognition or fingerprint scans.

Get started in ensuring cybersecurity for your Colorado business with our 2FA & MFA services.

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