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Identity access management solutions give users in your system their own digital identity.

Identity access management (IAM) is a framework of policies and technologies for ensuring that the proper users in an enterprise have the appropriate access to technology resources.

Identity Access Management involves many concepts and features to implement, but once it is implemented, it enables you to effectively manage each employee’s account workflow and permissions. The IAM system connects with the employee database and pre-defined job roles to establish and provide the access the employees need to perform their roles.

Mytech Partners can assist with deploying Identity Access Management (IAM) solutions for companies in the Bloomington, MN area. Identity Access Management creates a manageable and modifiable process for managing employee and user access to digital programs, documents, and authority levels within your organization. Contact us today to get started on an IAM solution!

To give an insight into how you can control user roles, IAM solutions allow you to:

Better Internal Control

With IAM, the internal controls of your IT network are strengthened as every user account has its own functions and restrictions. It is easier to track and troubleshoot which users performed which tasks. An audit trail is provided that you can check on a real-time basis; this helps you know what subsequent measures to be made.

Compatibility with other systems

Identity management systems work in conjunction with multi-factor authentication as well as single sign-on. These three can work hand-in-hand to deliver a secure environment for your business practice while adding productivity to the table as it enables everyone to focus on their core functions.

How we can help you

Let Mytech Partners help you implement this solution for your organization. Depending on what systems you currently have, we are able to provide you with a suitable Identity management solution for your team. 

 Contact us today and we can help you on your way to rolling out a fine-tuned system to manage your internal users.

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