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A Single Sign-on (SSO) solution provides a better login experience and strengthens IT security.

The IT best practice for user accounts is to use a different password for each account used, but the average user may forget these credentials if they have to log in to 5 to 20, or even more accounts every day. This is why it is a common practice for users to use a single password for each account they own, even against the direction of management, but this exposes the user and the company network to risk. That is why many organizations turn to a comprehensive Single Sign-on (SSO) solution.

One username/password pair. Login once, and you are connected to all the necessary applications and tools that you need for work– this is how a Single Sign-on solution works. With a login server that manages all the login logistics, authentication is only required once for all the accounts that you need to access, allowing your team to have unique passwords of adequate strength across all logins.

We provide single sign-on (SSO) solutions for companies located in the Apple Valley, MN area.  In addition to SSO solutions, we offer single sign-on support and single sign-on consulting services to help your business configure, troubleshoot, or customize a new or existing SSO solution. Get in touch with our professionals to learn how we can help your company with SSO!

Single Sign On Support & Consulting Services

People that need to across multiple applications can do more with SSO, rather than figuring out login credentials for each app. This also holds for 2-Factor authentication for each. SSO solutions eliminate the time spent in doing a forgot password procedure. 

Let Mytech Partners help you implement this solution for your organization. We are able to use different tools and techniques to add a single sign-on solution for your systems. Combine this SSO solution with a 2-factor authentication service to further bolster your internal security. We can enable extended authentication for your employees whether it is a biometric check – thru facial recognition or through the fingerprint scans.

 Contact us today and we can help you deploy a Single Sign-on project.

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