Achieve 4x More Value & Productivity From Your IT Investments

Achieve 4x More Value & Productivity From Your IT Investments

Get the peace of mind that comes with having a plan. By adopting Mytech’s Proven IT Strategy, and building an IT Roadmap in alignment with our best practices, you will be able to plan your IT investments proactively instead of reactively, and be more adaptable to other business challenges. 

Best Practices Value Map

Mytech clients are able to derive 4x more value and productivity from their technology investments by following Mytech’s proven IT strategy.

How do we measure “4x more”?

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An average team member spends 60+ minutes per month struggling with IT/technology problems.

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As our clients move towards the approved state of the
Best Practices Value Map, on average, they will spend 4x less time dealing with technology issues.

Our Focus

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Strategic Collaboration That Eliminates Surprise IT Costs

Our regular consultations shine a light on the performance and health of your IT infrastructure, helping you understand your needs and threats so you can move beyond the reactive break/fix cycle. As a result, you’ll experience better technology integration, less downtime, and fewer surprise costs.​  Learn more.

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IT Support That Knows Your Name & Your Needs

By developing a personal relationship with your team, we can better document, track, diagnose and resolve repetitive technology problems – freeing up even more time and increasing productivity for your team. 

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Security Services to Inspire Confidence, Not Fear

Get targeted security for your business needs, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your greatest risks are continually being researched, evaluated, and proactively addressed, all thanks to the dynamic solutions we automatically build into your managed IT services. Learn more.

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Responsive Tech Support When You Need It Most

Submitting a ticket shouldn’t feel like shouting into a void. With Mytech, every support request is seen by a real person within 15 minutes, then triaged to resolve your most critical issues right away. Request IT support with certainty, knowing that your technology hiccups will be seen and solved promptly.

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We don’t just promise increased value & productivity: we describe what those improvements look like, and we offer measurable proof to help you see the entire picture.

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