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2022 SmartBusiness Suite Updates

Below are some of the improvements we’ve made to your services across the last year.

  • Endpoint Detection and Response, deployed in Q3 of 2022, tracks device behavior in new ways, giving you better protection and meeting increased requirements for insurance and regulation. 
  • Improved Ticketing Portal, deployed starting in Q2 of 2022, makes it easier and faster for your team to submit and track service requests directly within Microsoft Teams, reducing the time that your staff spends on troubleshooting. 
  • Incident Response Improvements, which began in Q3 of 2022, ensure that our staff and processes can provide more robust response to threats and incidents immediately, giving you crucial peace of mind in tense situations. 
  • Microsoft 365 Security Management & Insights, deployed in Q2 of 2022, provides better knowledge about your Microsoft 365 environment, improving your productivity and security as the platform becomes increasingly vital to modern IT infrastructure. 

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