Nathan Austin

Nathan Austin

Stop Training your Employees…

…if you want to hire the 1 in 10 workers who feel that training is not important.

A three-year research project commissioned by Middlesex University’s Institute for Work Based Learning found that:

‘9 out of 10 (workers) felt that training was important, particularly if it was delivered in the workplace’

As businesses, you invest in tools to enable your employees, however trying to deliver effective training to fully empower every one of the members of your team can be very challenging.  You have so much on your plate already, how do you know where to start.

Here at Mytech we want to make IT easy for you and so we are going to do our part to help you empower your team in a couple areas that are critical to their success and productivity. The first area will cover is enabling your team to see digital risk in their personal and professional life.  Sure you will be protecting the business, but don’t you want to help your team stay safe personally as well?  The second area is by delivering a secure, approved access to Office 365 & Office tools that your team uses every day. To leverage a sports analogy, these two areas cover the basic ‘blocking and tackling’ of your typical office worker.  You will empower them to avoid digital risk, and to make a difference in their productivity by improving how they leverage every day applications.

Mytech has invested the last 15 months into a new program that is completely unique in the market.  We have collaborated with our vendor partners to build a solution that we believe is the most comprehensive empowerment AND protection program available today.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we will share more details via our newsletterevents, and webinars about how you can empower AND protect your team moving into 2018!

Reference: Middlesex University’s Institute for Work Based Learning research –

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